Driving Marketing Automation

So, I feel that it is also important to share what it is like when you are giving the task to drive marketing automation campaigns that focus on lead nurturing, bringing existing customers through their buying journey and hopefully, they get what they needed to know and understand your USPs, Benefits, engaged with the white-papers or case studies and to learn about what your products can bring to the their businesses in term of value and cost. Assuming that the content was well written and the target audiences were the right customers to blast the emails to and sent out at the right time, you would expect the result to be favorable, right?

The answer is wrong. To be successful in lead nurturing, you have got to be very targeted and personalised to whom you are communicating to. Sometime, campaigns need to be more agile and personalized. Rather than just have all the contacts receiving several similar emails across their multiple touchpoints, you need to think about whether they need to be consider as a lead only if they receive all the emails along their buying journey or during their engagement with at least 2 or more similar topics. Most marketing automation will have such features that you can immediately engaged with the contacts if they just fulfilled certain rules and criteria halfway through the lead nurturing process.

Check out the Eloqua – How Modern Marketing Works

Lots of planning and scoping need to be aligned and understood by all teams that are involved with the Marketing Automation campaigns. Customer data needs to be well defined in the early stage, along with Content Marketing which will need to be mapped out clearly to position itself on the right target audiences. Good planning and scoping will enable you to create the right content with the right target audiences and ultimately, you will need to set up for the right date and time to send out your emails to your customers. Your campaign need not setup as a single campaign flow but rather focus about what you want to achieve at the end of the campaign and then plan out your campaign flow. Whether it is going to be a discovery follow by nurturing or launch an awareness campaign to seek more customer data and feed them into a lead nurturing campaign that will enable customers to make purchase decision at the end of the journey.

How do you plan your lead nurturing campaign?

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