What it takes to be a Modern Marketer

In the past, Marketers are constantly trying to know who were their target audiences when planning their marketing campaigns. Those days, we depended on tools like Google Analytics to understand our site visitors behaviors, paid and organic search, as well as email tracking metrics to understand what they were looking for. This is not the case now, with so many digital channels, touchpoints, customers getting more resourceful and smarter in their buying journey. As an organization, it need to be smarter than customers.

Just few years ago, the term “Marketing Automation” started to reveal itself to the world of Marketers. But most marketers are not ready for the deep insight into customer’s behaviors and perform things like lead scoring, nurturing and integration to their CRM tools. To do a good job and run marketing automation effectively can result in high operation cost, time and resources to any organization. But if marketing automation is deployed right, together with alignment between Sales and Marketing achieved, then the effort is 100% worth it.

To start, you need a Marketing Automation Strategist that understand what customer buying journey is all about and the ability to apply that buying journey into a workflow that can be implemented in Marketing Automation. This strategist will need to work closely with Campaign Managers to map out all buying stages, content assets to apply all stages and various touchpoints. Campaign Managers, usually is the Marketing Manager level that take care of a specific business unit’s marketing programs.

Content Marketing plays a very important part of the whole Marketing Automation workflow where each different persona should be communicated with different kind of tactic messages and perhaps deliver at a special time. Ultimately, we are talking about sending out the right messages to the right audiences at the right time. If that is achieved, your marketing leads will be of highest quality and Sales people will love those leads that coming in to their sales pipeline.

To be a modern marketer, you have to start thinking about running marketing automation process in your lead acquisition process. Start nurturing, qualifying through lead scoring, converting to Marketing Qualified Leads so that Sales can then qualified them as their Sales Qualified Leads in order for them to follow up.

Are you ready to be a Modern Marketer?

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