Marketing Tech Stack

In today’s Marketing Technology Stack landscape, we see hundreds of Marketing apps and tools around us. Over years, it has grown substantially and many enterprises or even SMB companies are beginning to allocate marketing budget to purchase some of these Martech into their overall digital marketing transformation framework.

Market has become very competitive as companies shift towards becoming more customer-centric organization. It is very clear that if you fail to understand your customer behaviors and have not done a good job in creating customer personas, buyer journey and data segmentation, you will end up getting much lesser leads which will at the end, fail to achieve your Marketing sourced booking target.

There is no perfect solution in the MarTech world. You have to align to your overall company goals and objectives. Think about what do you need to drive a successful end to end customer journey and experience. What tools and apps can fully support your execution as well as the ability to report every single touch point activities and signals that your customers are behaving. Most importantly, they need to be scalable!

I will leave it to you to think about what are your current Martech capabilities! And how does it stack against your competitors?

Have fun with Martech mashup journey!

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